Whether you'd like to chat on the phone, over Zoom or meet up in person, we have options available for you

If you are able to send through copies of your insurance policies ahead of time this will help us with our preliminary research so that we can get straight to business.

For local businesses and farms we like to come out and see you so that we can better understand your needs and identify any risks or exposures that you might not have considered in the past. We can also provide guidance on setting appropriate sums insured taking in to account key policy definitions, and recommend an external valuation service if required.

Each appointment slot is scheduled for an hour which is the average time it takes to complete a full insurance review, we may not take that long but it means that that time is yours if you need it.



If you can't find a time that suits your schedule or you just need a quick phone consult please Get in Touch.

Book your appointment 

  • Now the meeting of choice thanks to COVID!
    1 hr
  • Within 45mins of Kyneton - Tuesdays & Thursdays only
    1 hr
  • Don't worry if you don't need the full hour, it's there if you need it
    1 hr