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 What happens when you need to make a claim? 

Need to make a claim?

If something has happened and you feel like it could be a claim please don't wait - just phone 0407 410 206 so we can help you through the process. 

We will monitor your claim's progress to ensure everything stays on track because the most common issues with claims arise from a breakdown in communication.

You can contact your insurer directly to start the claim process, but please let us know if you do so that we can support you.

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Our support and service throughout the claim
process is provided at no further cost -
it's just what we do

Some insurers will require their own claim form to be completed in order to lodge your claim, others will just require the information so we can go through this over the phone with you.


To start the process and find out what’s next you can fill out the form below or give us a call.


Your message has been received, I will be in touch as soon as possible - Kate

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