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What makes a Great Insurance Broker?

Last week I watched Vero’s webinar discussing the results of their 10th annual SME Index which gathers the thoughts and feelings of business owners towards insurance and insurance brokers. It’s always an interesting report, but what stood out most are the key reasons why my clients love working with me.

My clients are never just a number in a system, I value the relationship with all of my clients and appreciate the trust they've shown in me to look after their assets.

I take the time to get to know your business, I explain my thought process in reviewing your insurance options, I make clear recommendations with the ultimate goal of assisting you with making an informed decision.

The Vero SME Index showed that business owners don't want to be sent an invoice once a year. They want to understand their insurance policies, they want to know what options have been considered and how their broker decided on a particular product.

Just this week I've taken on a new client who didn't feel like they were being looked after by their current broker. After reviewing their current policies there was nothing wrong with what the current broker had arranged, they'd done almost everything that I would have done - with one exception. They took their relationship for granted.

If you're looking for someone who goes the extra mile and strives to make insurance easy for you without glossing over the hard questions... you've come to the right place!

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