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Insurance Legends

Fun fact about me…. I love a good true crime podcast! But they can get a bit heavy sometimes, for the past couple of years I’ve been wishing for a podcast that interviews industry legends to enhance my knowledge outside of standard product training that we regularly do.

And it turns out... Mark Silveira was at it all along! The insurance industry is kind of like a small town where it feels like everyone knows or knows of everyone, and I do happen to know Mark and many of his guests.

But it is absolutely brilliant to hear these interviews about the personal decisions we make that shape our careers, the stories behind the amazing people in our industry.

If you've ever wondered how senior executives come to be the CEO of a company, or if you have a school leaver freaking out about what to do in life, or if you're in the insurance industry already and want to broaden your connections, I highly recommend this podcast serious.

Who knows... maybe yours truly will be a guest some day!

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